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Connected puzzle pieces on top of $100 bill, with Benjamin Franklin portrait revealed beneath

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Connected puzzle pieces on top of $100 bill, with Benjamin Franklin portrait revealed beneath

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Top trends from the 2018 FX Risk Management Survey

Get insight into how companies evaluate FX risk, the types of exposures they hedge, and more.
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What top risk factors could affect your company’s earnings?

A summary of business risk in 2018 and beyond.
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Inside of the Capitol dome, looking up

How markets have performed in midterm election years

An excerpt from the Wells Fargo Investment Institute report Midterms and the markets.
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Table at an election voting location with clipboards and Vote buttons

The stakes in midterm congressional elections

Three questions for your business to consider.
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Businessman ascending open staircase along large window with light coming in

SOFR takes first steps to replace LIBOR

Three ways to prepare as U.S. market transitions to new rate.
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Connected puzzle pieces on top of $100 bill, with Benjamin Franklin portrait revealed beneath

How will tax reform affect your cash flow and strategic plans?

Companies of all sizes share their observations.
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Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge at sunset in London.

More companies injecting rigor into FX risk management

What shifting global interest rates and unexpected political events could mean as you evaluate FX risk.
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Currency exchange sign in Japan

The ins and outs of benchmarking corporate hedge programs

Identify best practices to manage FX risks effectively.
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View of the Capitol building dome in Washington D.C.

Washington update: How evolving policies may affect your business

What’s happening in Washington may influence aspects of your business, and much is at stake.
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A long polished wooden desk reflecting light with business papers and a pair of glasses resting on it.

New Fed chair nomination: What to expect

An excerpt from the Wells Fargo Investment Institute report Market Impact of Fed Chair Nomination.
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A businesswoman walking past a wall of frosted glass in an office

Hedge accounting standards updated

Possible impacts to use of hedging for risk management.
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A close-up of two businessmen on the street in a foreign city

Global expansion outlook for small and large companies

A recent survey found some striking differences in outlook, based on company size.
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A city street sign with the words “WALL St” on it.

The ghosts of 1937, revisited

Considerations for the Fed as it continues to slowly tighten monetary policy in a modest-growth economy.
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Forecasting risk

What are your top risk concerns this year?

Financial and political risk landscape for the c-suite and financial professionals.
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A city at nighttime with a brightly lit board of fluctuating numbers. Green arrows indicate number increases. Red arrows indicate decreases.

Three steps for managing currency volatility

Hedging strategies to protect profitability and asset valuation.
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Two businesswomen looking at a tablet screen. One is sitting; the other is standing.

How will your company respond to rising interest rates?

What the trend of gradual rate increases could mean for your business.
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View of traditional boat on the water with Hong Kong cityscape in the background.

Banking in China: Wholly Foreign-Owned Account structure explained

WFOEs in China have many bank accounts. A decision tree can help you understand the common types of accounts you'll need for which purposes.
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78% of U.S. companies expect less favorable UK business tax policies

One year since the Brexit decision

How do U.S. companies think Brexit will affect their global businesses?
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View looking down onto two business people standing in the shadow of a diagonal row of large blue containers

Global trade: Change on the horizon

Companies optimistic despite unknowns.
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Close-up of Illuminated foreign currency exchange board

Three ways your FX risk management policy may fall short

To build a stronger FX risk policy, avoid these pitfalls.
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Close up of a piece of paper with the words “Income statement” circled at the top.

Protect your income statement

Interest rate risks and responses.
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Dusty car back windshield with the words “wash me” written in the dust

Amid rate change, liquidity front and center

Balance sheet risks and tools to manage them.
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Right arrow and left arrow Icons representing foreign currency flowing in and out

Do you understand your foreign currency inflows and outflows?

Cash flow predictability is key to an effective hedging program.
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