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This is ransomware. It’s an infection that can dangerously spread through your company’s digital ecosystem. The virus moves strategically, encrypting data and locking users out of their laptops and network servers. These ransomware attacks can happen to any size company in any industry. It causes more than financial losses. Ransomware can disrupt, even halt business operations, and steal sensitive and confidential information.

Hackers hold your network data hostage. Then demand a ransom for your files. And force you to pay, usually in the form of digital currencies that are difficult to trace.
Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Payouts are in the multimillions. There are ways to stay protected.
Here’s what to do. Update antivirus software and operating systems. Regularly back up data and store a secure copy offline. Implement firewalls and strong spam filters. Make sure that anti-malware software is up-to-date. Patch known vulnerabilities in your operating systems and applications. Use a direct link to sign on to your banking portal.

Educate employees on the threat of ransomware and necessary precautions.
Update your business continuity plan. And talk to your I.T. group about the rising threat of ransomware so they can ensure the appropriate security measures are in place.

Here’s what not to do. Don’t click, download, or install anything from untrusted sources. Don’t open emails from unknown sources. Above all, stay vigilant to protect against the threat of ransomware.