Project Description


NARRATOR: It’s another day in the life of your organization.

The cash manager is waiting for current bank account balances so cash positioning can begin.

The customer service team is waiting for answers to customer questions about whether their payments have arrived and what their balances are.

The account services team is wondering why there are returned and rejected payments on new customer accounts.

Sales is waiting for payment to release a customer’s order for delivery.

The treasury team is reporting unclaimed payments to the state for escheatment.

All these people are working hard … but nothing productive is getting done quickly enough.

What if you didn’t have to wait and wonder about issues regarding banking and payments?

What if you could access the information you need instantly?

KYLE: We’d be a lot more efficient!

NARRATOR: Yes, you would!

KYLE: Our teams could work on things like improving our processes and growing our business!

NARRATOR: Yes, they could!

NARRATOR: And all you need are the right connections. API connections.

API stands for application programming interface.

APIs connect your systems directly to your banks’ systems. In effect, they bring the bank to you.

There’s an API that provides your account balances across your bank accounts in your Treasury Management or ERP system.

So you have the current balance information you need for cash positioning and decision making in seconds.

There’s an API that helps your customer service team give customers fast answers to questions about their check payments.

Another API instantly verifies a new customer’s bank account status …

This may help reduce the number returns and rejected payments caused by typos, potential fraud, and closed accounts.

With a transaction detail API, you can time the release of orders to the arrival of payments.

Electronic payment APIs let you initiate ACH and wire payments on your schedule; helping you make payments faster, improve reconciliation and reporting, and gain more visibility and control with payment initiation.

Faster payment APIs offer same-day, final settlement, reducing the hassle of escheatment for your treasury staff and helping improve your customer’s experience with timely payments.

KYLE: Hmmm. It sounds like we can do some things better, faster, and cheaper with APIs.

NARRATOR: You got the connection!

KYLE: But what about the IT connection?


KYLE: How do we connect our systems to the bank’s systems? We have limited IT resources.

NARRATOR: The Wells Fargo Gateway portal has documentation, user guides, code examples … all the tools IT developers need to connect with APIs and test the connections in just weeks.

Today’s API integrations are designed to be simple and cost-effective for companies of all sizes.

Make API connections … and tomorrow can be a better day for your organization.


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