Project Description

Video length: 3:05


Barry Hickman: Daltile is the largest manufacturer of ceramic tile in the United States.

Daltile manufactures ceramic tile, porcelain tile and imports its stone from various factories and plants.

We have 300 sales/service center distribution facilities that are company owned and from that is the largest portion of our business.

While we sell ceramic tile to our customers for flooring and cladding needs, our service is probably one of the mainstays of what we provide our customers.

We do our best to make sure our customers’ quote to cash solution with us is efficient, fast and easy for them to manage.

A large cross section of our customers, whether the contractor or the dealer or small family businesses and what we’ve noticed through the last few years is that those customers are changing quite rapidly.

Some of the founders are beginning to retire, children are taking over those businesses and they’re demanding a different way to do business: more electronic, more real time-type solutions.

We’ve searched the marketplace for those type of solutions and believe we’ve found a good one with E-Bill Express.

When you’re a small business owner, you sell and manage your business by day and you manage the back office by night and weekend.

So, it was very important for us to find solutions that our customers could easily access in the off hours, after work, on the weekends, really from the convenience of their own home.

And we think that was a great find in the E-Bill Express with the web solution. We’ve created the pay now button on our commercial electronic web sites that link right in to our E-Bill solution.

It looks just like a Daltile website, so that was a nice plus.

98% of our customers finance their purchasing through our company-owned line of credit.

Our customers use that line of credit to purchase materials from our locations or direct ships or other ways that we deliver that product.

There’s a lot of back office work that goes on to apply a customer’s payment.

Brandy: “Daltile Credit Department, this is Brandy speaking…”

Barry Hickman: E-Bill Express makes that very, very easy to do. It saves a lot of time, effort and labor on the back end of the process.

We occasionally do longer term workouts with customers, manage promissory notes and things of that nature, and E-Bill Express gives us a whole suite of tools to be able to manage those things electronically.

We feel E-Bill Express gives us a competitive advantage by allowing our customers to pay us when they want to pay, how they want to pay, on their own time, at their speed. It’s a great tool, it’s easy to use.

The easier you make it for a customer to do business with you, the more likelihood they will do business with you.

And E-Bill Express does help us make it easy to do business with us, no doubt about that.


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