Project Description

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NARRATOR: Decision makers live in a world of acronyms.

CLARK: FYI, the CEO wants ROI from AP.

BETTY: We need a digital payables program. ASAP.

NARRATOR: If your leaders expect efficiency and financial reward from AP payments, there’s one more acronym you should know: A.S.E … “Ace.” ASE stands for Analyze, Strategize and Execute – Wells Fargo’s process for developing a successful digitized payables program for your organization.

We analyze your supplier base to determine what types of payments your suppliers will accept. We use proprietary logic to look at current payment trends by company size and by industry.

COMPUTER VOICE: Merchant Categories with high-growth card acceptance rates include Computer Software, Telecom, and Hospital Equipment.

NARRATOR: We apply advanced analytics to discover when, why, and how your suppliers accept digital payments.

COMPANY SPOKESPERSON: Sure, we accept cards. At least we did once … in 2012.

NARRATOR: Because of the unique way we analyze data, we can tell you which of your suppliers are most likely and least likely to take digital payments from you.

Once we’ve identified your most and least likely candidates, we sort and prioritize them, so it’s easy to strategize with you on what payment method and terms to offer.

With cards, the supplier gets paid now but you can wait up to 30 days to make the commercial card payment. And you may get a financial incentive. If a supplier won’t accept cards, you can offer ACH payments in return for a larger payment discount.

Either way, it’s a working capital win.

And, in a rising interest rate environment, it’s important to know how each and every supplier contributes to the working capital of your company.

When it’s time to execute your strategy it takes more than a letter to enroll your suppliers. And a one-and-done approach won’t do. You need suppliers to come onboard and stay onboard. That’s why we do the onboarding ourselves.

We help suppliers understand the long term business value of digitized payments. And make them comfortable with taking digitized payments.

The initial enrollment is just the start. We work with you through the life of your program to keep enrollment growing. At Wells Fargo we help you Analyze, Strategize, and Execute with a service we call Supplier Analysis and Onboarding. But you can call it SAO for short!

BETTY: The big boss is counting on efficiencies gained by enrolling suppliers through SAO to make a positive impact on our bottom line.

CLARK: Tell him NP


NARRATOR: Talk with your Wells Fargo representative about how Supplier Analysis and Onboarding can help optimize your digital payables program.