Project Description

gateway circleImran Haider, Head of Wells Fargo Gateway

APIs afford customers real-time, anytime access to banking functionality so that they can perform their banking tasks in any digital context, as efficiently as possible. The opportunities to streamline span across a variety of payments and data-related tasks, including immediate payments, foreign exchange, ATM location identification, fraud/ identity management, and account aggregation.

APIs have been part of the technology ecosystem since the earliest days of computing, connecting software applications to each other. As with many other technologies, APIs have moved from being complicated and difficult to implement, to the APIs of today: simple to understand and easy to implement for developers of all skill levels and backgrounds.

Established in 2016, the Wells Fargo GatewaySM creates a secure and easy method to embed Wells Fargo’s products and services into a customer’s digital context of choice, be it an accounting platform, CRM or ERP system, consumer-facing mobile app or other digital environment. The Wells Fargo Gateway offers a best-in-class developer portal: Rich documentation, code snippets and user guides, a set of sandboxes to help developers quickly and easily test their integrations, and a 24/7 servicing and support team staffed by technical specialists.

With APIs, we’re bringing the bank to our customers, in any mobile, IoT or digital experience. In banking, especially for transactional activities such as paying bills, or checking account balances, both distribution and access are core drivers of customer value. Over our history, Wells Fargo has recognized this paradigm and leveraged innovation to build leading solutions, ranging from ATMs to online and mobile banking platforms. APIs are a continuation of this customer-centric journey.

The Wells Fargo Gateway offers a single destination for developers to view, test and implement a broad range of payment and data APIs. A company interested in connecting to Wells Fargo can come to the developer portal, view use cases, and request access to particular APIs. Once their developers have access to this secure site, they can review documentation, view code examples, and use the sandbox to integrate and test these APIs in their digital platforms. When they’re ready to move into production, the customer signs a quick contract and can move the integration to a live production environment. The process can be completed in as little as a few weeks, compared to other integrations that can possibly take months to complete.

We are ‘obsessed’ with providing the best developer experience. A developer should be able to view our documentation and understand what an API does in a matter of minutes. Intuitive design, no jargon, and no need for a PhD in banking. And the feedback from our developer customers shows that we are succeeding.

In today’s environment, every company wants — and needs — to be a digital company — whether they’re in manufacturing, healthcare, or media. Gateway APIs help deliver on that paradigm. For example, Gateway APIs allow a company’s employees to view deposit images directly in their servicing tool; a company’s customers to enter their debit card number and receive a claims reimbursement in a matter of minutes; a company’s risk staff to validate account numbers before initiating debits and credits.

APIs can help any company deliver a better customer experience through technology and by bringing the bank to the customer.

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