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Restaurant with the name “Five Guys Burgers and Fries” on its window

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Faster: Today’s payment process, tomorrow’s payment experience

With faster payments a reality, how do you keep pace with evolving consumer and supplier expectations?
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Restaurant with the name “Five Guys Burgers and Fries” on its window

Five Guys streamlines global payment process

Before, Five Guys made 1,000 individual payments monthly. Now, it’s only 60 batch payments.
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Allstate logo with phrase: You're in good hands.

Allstate’s good hands extend to claims payments

Allstate adds emerging payment methods.
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Put people first in your payment process

Engaged customers are loyal customers – but how can you create and maintain that engagement?
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Digitized dollar sign raised out of background of data programming bits and bytes

Prepare now for Same Day ACH debits

New functionality will launch September 15, 2017.
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6 best practices to improve accounts payable

Streamline your process and maximize technology to accelerate accounts payable.
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Paper check

Ditching checks? Why a payables strategy matters

More suppliers than ever accept e-payments – it’s time for a holistic payment strategy.
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Image of the top of a conference table showing a spread of paperwork with arms resting on the table

Transition tactics for mergers and acquisitions

Post-deal considerations for a smooth financial integration.
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1.7 MB per person per second

Analysis paralysis in your commercial card program?

Cure the big-data blues with a focus on three key metrics.
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Supercharge your receivables

Accept more payment types — with less effort — through a payment gateway.
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Large stack of paper bills on a desk

Avoid paying your suppliers late

Three steps to becoming a prompt payer.
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Large blue binder with the words BUDGET on the side rests on top of budget paperwork

Annual budget process a drain on resources?

Five common pitfalls that you can avoid.
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A close up shot of a dart board with three darts deep in the inner bullseye.

Three cash forecasting best practices

How top performers produce faster, more accurate results.
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Real-time payments: Drivers, benefits, and the future

Insight into the influences of real-time payment adoption.
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Graphic image of the infographic speaking to $2 trillion in untapped potential for commercial cards in North America

Are you missing out on commercial card opportunity?

If your card program hasn’t changed since you established it, it’s time for change.
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An open circle with the words “Present”, “Pay” and “Post” around the edge of the circle and copy that reads “3 P’s of Receivables Automation” in the center of the circle

The 3 P’s of Receivables Automation

Improve receivables processes with small changes in how you Present, Pay and Post.
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Man sitting at a desk in an office reviewing reporting on a computer with double monitors

Inject efficiency & automation in how you post

Even when you receive electronic payments, there’s room for improvement.
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Woman sitting at café table working on a tablet.

Make the most of new payment options

Balance customer preferences, back-office efficiency, and data security with a single-system approach.
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To improve receivables, first transform your bills

One process for electronic and paper bills can boost efficiency across your receivables cycle.
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A business woman standing by a table holding some papers and a business man sitting at that table holding a pen and papers with a whiteboard in the background that has post-it notes and hand written notes on it

Transform how you present, pay, and post

A step-by-step approach helps energy companies automate more receivables.
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Receivables automation: Continuous improvement to stay competitive

Hear how two energy companies created peak receivables processing efficiencies.
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A businesswoman and businessman collaborate by posting colored papers on a white board. Another businessman looks on in the background.

Collaborate on your cash forecast

Three ways to make the process more interactive.
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Business man using cell phone

Are you prepared for the sharing economy?

Younger workers and an increasingly digital world reshape business travel.
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Four tips for a more efficient rolling forecast

Getting to the right level of detail.
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Five reasons to accept credit card payments

See how accepting credit card payments is fast, secure, and good for your business.
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To weather tough times, apply cash automatically

Five reasons oil and gas companies improve how to receive and post customer payments.
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7 steps for a seamless commercial card roll-out

Ready your organization to launch or expand your program
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Orange sunset with oil rig silhouettes

Energy company creates first class payables process

Cimarex outsources check printing and converts 400 suppliers to commercial card payments.
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After the deal: Rx for a smooth financial integration

Key considerations for treasury when consolidation impacts your hospital system.
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12 million

From effort to ease: How to streamline your royalty payments

Key to a more efficient royalty payments process is an end-to-end solution that scales easily.
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What’s next for your commercial card platform

From mobile access to customer fields, innovative technology to strengthen your program.
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6 must-have financial solutions for energy companies

Adopt the right treasury tools to weather the industry’s ups and downs.
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world map graphic

Size up international commercial card opportunity

Use your card program to pay suppliers, support overseas offices and improve global expense visibility.
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Dal-Tile seeks an electronic payments solution

The older generation pays by paper check; millennials want to pay by mobile phone.
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Control the cash, control the company

Hear Apple & Eve CFO Paul Rouse discuss why cash should be a priority for every organization.
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Payment optimization explained

Mining master vendor data as you migrate payments from paper to electronic and can transform AP department.
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What motivates suppliers to accept commercial card payments?

Some unexpected ways your suppliers can benefit.
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8 days

Why a single card purchasing strategy matters

Companies of all sizes can benefit from a streamlined work flow and better visibility to expenses.
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Georgia Department of Revenue saves three million tax dollars

Lockbox automation and outsourced printing produce significant savings for state.
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Factory, Calendar, Money

Make supplier payments work for you

How to boost working capital by managing payment terms.
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Champion Technologies captures $300,000 in payment discounts

Invoice automation enables this company to manage payables more effectively.
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How Millennials are changing payments and processes

Hear two leading companies discuss providing payment options for every generation.
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Cash forecasting: The view from 10,000 feet

The Hackett Group discusses guiding principles and best practices for improving your cash forecasts.
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When AR and AP join forces

Top-performing AR and AP departments differ from peers and learn about benefits and challenges of automating processes.
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Faster payments: The race is on

Demand for faster payments is building. Panel of payments experts discuss future of U.S. payments system.
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More than 12 million

Royalty payments: Common challenges and best practices

Two top energy companies approach royalty payments from two different perspectives.
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Unlock working capital with invoice automation and collaboration

Aberdeen Group analyst and AP manager discuss how automation benefits working capital and trading partner relationships.
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Cash forecasting: The fuel that runs the organization

Learn factors that contribute to cash forecasting success from The Hackett Group.
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Getting a grip on check receivables

Dal-Tile eliminated hundreds of fax machines and improved cash availability by two full days.
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3 steps to electronic supplier payments

From payment strategy development to ongoing execution, how to digitize your company's AP payments.
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Don’t wait for the next crisis

Learn five goals now toward working capital maturity.
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Great Plains Energy increases efficiencies in receivables to unlock cash

Company consolidated online bill pay and facilitated straight-through processing for a 33% improvement.
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3 outcomes that define cash flow forecasting top performers

How do the outcomes of your mid-term forecasting process measure up against those of top performers?
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FX challenge

Cross-border wires

What's the best way to pay?
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How Millennials are disrupting payment practices

At 83 million strong in the U.S. alone, they have the muscle to change the world.
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5 days

DSO is #1 measure of accounts receivable performance

See what separates world-class AR performance from that of peer groups.
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Building the business case for e-B2B payments

Compare the costs of check, wire, ACH, and card B2B payments.
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Due $

Automation is key to accounts payable top performance

Do you receive invoices and make payments electronically? Top performing AP organizations do.
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Thumbs up

Optimizing your individual premium collections

Payment convenience integrated with back-office processes creates a win-win for providers.
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More than 50%

Improving efficiency and working capital in your claims process

Learn how to streamline your claims payments and expedite your employer reimbursements.
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Hand holding smartphone and taking high-angle photo of urban cityscape

Oh, say, can you see your cash?

Cash positioning-as-a-service can give you a clear view of cash on hand.
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Glass ball resting at the edge of an infinity pool reflecting both the sky and water.

Ideas for implementing a rolling forecast

These considerations can help you get it right for your organization.
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75% - Survey respondents who reported their rolling forecast generally meets expectations versus 33% of respondents using a conventional method. Source: 2014 Hackett Financial Planning & Analysis Performance Survey

Why are organizations moving to rolling forecasts?

More focus and flexibility lead to a better predictive tool.
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Same tree in four seasons

From static to dynamic: 5 tips for building a rolling forecast

Mirroring a changing business environment requires a change in organizational mindset and approach.
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71% - Best-in-Class organizations that incorporate AR and AP into planning and forecasting. Source: Aberdeen Group, 2013

Tips for creating a modern cash forecast

Improve the forecasting process in your organization with these recommendations from Aberdeen.
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Top 5. More precision and efficiency in cash forecasting is one of finance executives' highest-ranked priorities. Source: 2016 Finance Priorities Survey, Protiviti, November 2015

Should treasury own cash forecasting in your organization?

The treasurer of a multi-billion dollar company questions the status-quo.
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Over half millennials already using or considering nontraditional payment methods. Source: Fico, 'Millennial Banking Insights and Opportunities,' 2014

Navigating the next-generation order-to-cash cycle

Younger customers, mobile devices, and new payment formats are transforming B2C and B2B.
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7 in 10 B2B buyers who prefer to use direct, instant online forms of payment (such as credit cards) rather than purchase orders and invoices. Source: Forrester Research, 'Building the B2B Omni-Channel Commerce Platform of the Future,' November 2014

Welcome to the future: Omni-channel receivables

Can you meet heightened customer expectations for billing, payment and service?
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Currency: Chinese renminbi, euro, Canadian dollar, and yen

How much do your international payments cost you?

Four best practices to meet the changing FX market.
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Same day delivery

Are you ready for Same Day ACH credits?

Here is your to-do list for preparing to originate and receive Same Day ACH credits.
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Reception desk in Daltile gallery showroom. Customers looking at tiles on wall in background

Cementing relationships with the next generation of customers

Read how Dal-Tile is meeting millennials' need for mobile payments.
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20-something couple at outdoor art fair seated on steps, looking at smart phones

How to meet Millennials’ payment expectations

American 20- and 30-somethings have $200 billion to spend . Help them spend it with your company.
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Optimize your card program with a team approach

Study shows optimizing your account manager improves your results.
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Utility fuels success with new receivables provider

Single-vendor solution helps improve customer service and decrease costs.
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2/3 corporate travel managers who use virtual accounts in addition to corporate cards. Source: GTBA, 'Buyer and Supplier Outlook on Virtual Payment Solutions,' May 2015

Solve T&E challenges with virtual travel accounts

Single-use commercial card payments improve insight and reconciliation with your travel agency.
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Big 3

The Big Three benefits of smart safes at The Restaurant Company

Which of your cash handling issues and concerns will smart safes put to rest?
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Traditional and virtual account types infographic

Choose the right method for your supplier payments

A single card program supports multiple options.
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Over 2/3 - U.S. suppliers who now accept commercial card payment. Source: NAPCP and First Annapolis Consulting, 'End-User Perspective on Suppliers' Acceptance of Commercial Card Payments,' June 2014

Seven steps to automate your supplier payments

Commercial cards deliver value for buyers and suppliers.
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Digital stopwatch on man's writs with blue sky in background

Real-time payments: What is the U.S. missing?

We have most of the characteristics of real-time payments, but not in one system.
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$20 per report. Cost savings with automated expense reporting. Source: PayStream Advisors, '2015 Travel and Expense Management Report,' 2015

4 must-have capabilities for your T&E card program

Convenient features support your travelers, managers and program administrators.
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Man in business suit fitting two jigsaw puzzle pieces together in front of him

New solutions to electronic receivables problems

Expect your bank to match payments and remittance advice for you.
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$377 billion - Projected commercial card spending by 2018, up from $245 billion in 2013. Source: RPMG, 2014 Purchasing Card Benchmark Survey Results

Measure the impact of your commercial card program

Use industry benchmarks to demonstrate card value to your stakeholders.
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$40+ Trillion - Over 15% of total global wealth moves through the ACH Network annually. Source: NACHA, Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2014

Five things you may not know about the ACH Network

Get the most use and benefit from low-cost ACH transactions.
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$142 B - Predicted value of U.S. mobile payments in 2019. Source: US Mobile Payments Forecast, 2014 to 2019, Forrester Research

mPOS is about to boom

Three new technologies are helping to drive mobile payments into the mainstream.
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Hands holding stack of currency next to smart safe bill receptacle

The business case for smart safes

How much can smart safes save your company in payroll costs and armored courier fees?
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Commuter train platform. Woman getting off train looking at smart phone in her hand

The future of B2C payments

Emerging paperless payment methods can reduce costs and increase security of B2C disbursements.
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Close up of a section of a golden abacus

Commercial card accounting: You’ve paid your vendor. Now you owe your bank.

Is your accounting system ready for commercial card transactions that are really two transactions?
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Four ways you can use multicurrency accounts

Doing business in other currencies is easier and less costly with this alternative to foreign bank accounts.
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Woman drawing upward line on white board with black marker

Credit card programs top treasury managers project list

Credit cards are the hot product with both middle market and large companies.
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View of Long Island City waterfront

TF Cornerstone moves check payments to consumer online bill pay

Online payments options move more than 50% of rent payments from check to ACH.
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$4.86 trillion - Amount of debt at U.S. companies tracked by The Hackett Group.

U.S. companies’ working capital performance hits new low

Interest rates are low, debt levels are high.
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Four road cyclists racing in a close line

The four levels of working capital management

Are you leading, lagging, or somewhere in between?
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Path of rectangular stepping stones over green grass

Are you on your way to working capital maturity?

Walk a proven path with five key goals.
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Two glasses of water, side by side. One is marked '1/2 full'; the other is marked '1/2 empty.'

Perception versus reality in working capital management

Four areas of focus to improve your company's performance.
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Red and white triangular warning sign with a big exclamation point in the center

Avoid these five pitfalls of working capital management

A coordinated, structured approach can yield the best results.
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Healthcare center reimagines purchasing operations

Maximizing cost-savings and aligning operations with a value-based care model.
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Close up of a sport's car's gear shift

What’s driving DSO at your company?

Get behind the metric, focus on controllable factors.
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Stopwatch, Chinese renminbi, Euro, and document statement icons

Balance working capital and FX risk management

Timing and predictability are key for payables and receivables.
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$4.3 million - Additional working capital an organization can release when paying supplier invoices by commercial card, based on an average $2.55 million monthly volume. Source: RPMG, 2015 Electronic Accounts Payable Benchmark Survey Results

Five ways cards can boost your working capital

Paying your supplier invoices by card helps to maximize your cash.
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White icon of an unbalanced scale on a dark background

How much debt has your company accrued?

Top performers are still generating cash from operations.
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Pie chart

Do you have oversight over total working capital?

The best organizations do. Here's how.
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Linen and uniform delivery service worker standing in front of company truck and smiling

AmeriPride’s three-phase initiative to automate invoices

Changes deliver measurable working capital improvements.
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Road stretching endlessly into the horizon with a spring meadow on either side

Working capital management: Go further

Why strategic decision making trumps operational thinking.
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Working capital improvement of $97 million over two years

Lessons learned in establishing a treasury-led working capital program.
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Part 1 - Four ways to take the lead in a holistic approach

Manage working capital across your organization — part one

Four ways to take the lead in a holistic approach.
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$1 trillion - Amount that top public U.S. companies have tied up in working capital. Source: 2014 US Working Capital Survey, REL, a Hackett Group Company

Use key performance indicators to monitor working capital

Six questions to help you choose the right KPIs for your business.
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7% - U.S. companies in aggregate have nearly 7% of their combined sales unnecessarily tied up in operations. Source: Ernst & Young. All tied up: working capital management, 2014.

The cost of losing focus on working capital

Why an economic recovery shouldn't slow your efforts to improve working capital management.
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White bowl of tuna salad

Bumble Bee Foods unlocks nearly $300,000

By converting vendors to e-payments and customers to ACH or lockbox, company streamlined AP and AR, accelerated cash flow, and captured savings.
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53% - More than half of companies are working to implement e-invoicing in the coming year. Source: Electronic invoice management: A move to the middle, PayStream Advisors, Q1 2014

Four benefits of automated invoicing and payment solutions

How to gain speed, efficiency, accuracy, and control — and enhance supplier relationships.
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