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Banking that helps your business grow

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Woman attending virtual meeting at desk

Banking that helps your business grow

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Injecting AI efficiencies into AR processes

Integrated receivables solutions take the pain out of electronic payment posting
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Banking that helps your business grow

Run your business efficiently by streamlining your banking services
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Streamlining your payment process

Learn how electronic workflows can help give you real-time payments insight
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API connections

Today’s APIs can be simple and cost-effective for companies of all sizes.
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Sooner is better: Adopting automation and digital payments in the face of COVID-19

Watch our webinar to learn how a flexible payments strategy can strengthen your business.
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Ready to automate? Billing platforms now sized for growing businesses

Easily automate your AR and AP processes—and keep your existing accounting system
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Sell globally, bill globally, collect locally

Whether you send five or five thousand international invoices, getting paid can be easier.
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COVID-19 updates for commercial banking customers

Prepare for potential work disruptions. We’re here to support you.
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Prioritize AR and AP during COVID-19 containment

With sales and other functions curtailed, payments are crucial to business viability.
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Cash strategies to help combat financial shocks

When shockwaves shake your financial foundation, cash can act as a stabilizer.
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New payment methods call for new workforce strategies

With rapid technological change and four generations in the workforce, it’s time for treasury to update its talent playbook
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Make speed a competitive advantage for your business

Understanding new transaction timeframes helps maximize the benefits of faster payments
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How to add faster payments to your AP and AR routines

Streamline your launch by adapting your workflow and technology
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Important coronavirus updates

Prepare for potential work disruptions. We’re here to support you.
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Name that Payment

No matter which faster payment type you choose, you’ll be ahead of the game.
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Use automation to help support working capital management

Treasury investments in APIs, RPAs, and other technologies help make managing liquidity faster, easier, and more accurate.
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Five practical tips to send and receive real time payments through the RTP® network

The RTP network now reaches more than half of U.S. bank accounts.
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Foresight is 2020: 4 strategic treasury considerations

In 2020 treasury must use foresight and insight to fill increasingly strategic shoes that help to drive business success.
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Navigating the next-generation order-to-cash cycle

Customer expectations and new payment formats are transforming B2C and B2B.
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Daltile: Wall-to-wall solutions for easy customer payments

Learn how Daltile gains competitive advantage by allowing customers to pay the way they want.
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Using technology to modernize the payments experience

To deliver differentiated value, listen to customer needs and deliver tangible value.
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Working capital and your AP continuum

See where opportunities to optimize working capital lay in your accounts payable process and apply a consistent strategy to contribute to your bottom line.
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Understanding how treasury, receivables and payables connect

How working together toward a holistic view of payments benefits your company’s collective objectives.
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From customer experience to competitive advantage

Treasury, finance and accounting are a big part of creating the best possible customer experience.
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Connecting Treasury, AR and AP for smarter payments

In most companies, treasury, accounts receivable, and accounts payable operate independently when they are, in fact, interdependent.
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Setting course for strategic digital payments

See how data can help you set a strong digital payments strategy to get suppliers on board and keep your working capital on course.
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Make the most of your payment options

Balance customer preferences, back-office efficiency, and data security with a single system approach.
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Smarter payments make better business

Connect payables, receivables, and liquidity to the customer experience.
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Reduce the hassle of electronic receivables

Expect your bank to match payments and remittance advice for you.
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It’s time: Faster payments are here

Hear our panel discuss the speed of faster payments and why you need to fast-track your faster payments plans.
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Payments Progress

The convergence of mobile technology, digital commerce and the need for faster payments.
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Making faster payments a business priority

4 questions that can help align your business goals with a solid faster payments plan.
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Advancing along the receivables continuum

Top performing AR departments run on fully-automated processes, but few can claim that status.
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Graphic icons representing four faster payment types: Same Day ACH, Push to Card, Real time Payments (RTP) and Zelle.

4 paths to faster payments

Faster payments are becoming more critical for consumers and businesses. Which paths match your payments strategy?
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U.S. joins 35+ countries with real-time payments

In 2017, Americans moved more than $150 billion via faster payment methods.
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12 ways to strengthen your business with Same Day ACH

Faster transactions deliver more convenience, security, and control.
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48 Trillion

Six things you may not know about the ACH Network

Get the most use and benefit from ACH transactions.
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Zelle® creates new digital way to pay consumers

Fast and simple business-to-person (B2P) payments require only an email address or cell phone number.
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Are Same Day ACH credits part of your faster payments plan?

Here is your to-do list for preparing to originate and receive Same Day ACH credits.
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Set new records for payables speed and efficiency

Deploy faster payments to improve experiences for your customers, suppliers, and employees.
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Five steps to automate more B2B receivables

Stronger data matching reduces your exceptions and improves your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).
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Next time, skip the call center

Today’s card platforms empower users and increase convenience.
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User-centered design yields intuitive payment products

A design thinking approach involves customers at all stages of the development process.
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7 ways to boost your business with faster payments

Transform how you pay and collect to accelerate settlement and access data.
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Netflix strengthens relationships with Same Day ACH

Since 1997, Netflix has been a leader in digital content. It tallies more than 100 million members around the world, who watch 125 million hours of programming each day.
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Real-time payments: Drivers, benefits, and the future

Insight into the influences of real-time payment adoption.
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Graphic image of the infographic speaking to $2 trillion in untapped potential for commercial cards in North America

Are you missing out on commercial card opportunity?

If your card program hasn’t changed since you established it, it’s time for change.
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An open circle with the words “Present”, “Pay” and “Post” around the edge of the circle and copy that reads “3 P’s of Receivables Automation” in the center of the circle

The 3 P’s of Receivables Automation

Improve receivables processes with small changes in how you Present, Pay and Post.
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Inject efficiency & automation in how you post

Even when you receive electronic payments, there’s room for improvement.
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To improve receivables, first transform your bills

One process for electronic and paper bills can boost efficiency across your receivables cycle.
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Five reasons to accept credit card payments

See how accepting credit card payments is fast, secure, and good for your business.
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Dal-Tile seeks an electronic payments solution

The older generation pays by paper check; millennials want to pay by mobile phone.
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Four ways you can use multicurrency accounts

Doing business in other currencies is easier and less costly with this alternative to foreign bank accounts.
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Balance working capital and FX risk management

Timing and predictability are key for payables and receivables.
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