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6 ways to protect yourself and company online

Six ways to protect yourself and your company online

Part of a company’s cyber defense relies on its employees. Here’s a short list of tips to keep top of mind.
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Cyber wars: Trends and recent attacks

Ransomware, bots, hactivism, and more. Find out about the most recent attacks and methods used.
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A businesswoman with dark and hair wearing glasses has her chin resting on her knuckles and is looking at her computer monitor

Best practices for a company’s cyber health

Cyber crime is fast-evolving. Are your company’s defenses up-to-date?
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The hidden costs of cyber attacks

Do you know the total cost of a potential cyber attack to your company?
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account security

Triumph over takeover

8 steps to protect against account takeover fraud.
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Death of the password

Companies are experimenting with new ways to authenticate.
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New muscle to fight card fraud

Empower and protect your cardholders with predictive analytics and alerts.
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Digital world

Battle armor to combat fraud

Hear about fraud attacks and how to mitigate risks.
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Double your protection with dual custody

Dual custody is one of the most effective deterrents against fraud.
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How one company stopped vendor impostor fraud

A strong, layered approach can help businesses protect themselves from vendor impostor fraud.
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Computer Hacker

Facing the New Faces of Fraud

The fraud threats out there today are real and serious.
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3 steps to combat impostor fraud

Impostor fraud is difficult to detect. Use this checklist to protect against impostor fraud.
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Are your fraud protection efforts keeping pace as fraud evolves?

Use multi-layered authentication to strengthen security.
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The Dark Side of Internet Security: insights from the front line

New data shows that payments fraud is growing faster than ever.
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Email fraud: The threat lurking in your inbox

In 2016, one in 131 emails contained in malware.
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More businesses fall victim to fraud in 2016

Payments fraud rose to its highest level in 2016.
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74% of organizations were victims of payments fraud in 2016

Payments fraud: Still your company’s most powerful threat

New data shows that payments fraud is growing faster than ever.
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Cyber fraud: Your threats have broadened

Learn fraudsters' latest methods for taking over your accounts and payments — and how to protect your company.
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Five reasons why your business should use dual custody

Payment fraud is a growing threat to businesses.
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Protect your accounts from impostor fraud

Impostor fraud is a growing trend.
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Beware: Account takeover fraud is on the rise

Account takeover is difficult to detect. Protect your business.
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Outside photograph of Liberty Diversified International’s headquarters building. The letters “LDI” are large and in red.

LDI shares lessons learned from impostor fraud encounter

"There were no red flags. The email was from the vendor’s real email address."
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Is your company prepared for a breach?

2016 Network Security and Data Privacy Study from Wells Fargo Insurance.
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Sandoval Brothers fights check fraud with account reconciliation efficiency

Labor contractor automates reconciliation and cuts 10–12 hours from process.
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Street view of a residential area in a Florida small town

Town of Orange Park shares lessons learned from cyber fraud attempt

“Something didn’t look right,” said the Town’s finance director.
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A clock with the second hand approaching 12.

Fraudsters race the clock on EMV technology

Cardholders face short-term fraud spike.
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Impostor fraud: Customer scenarios

Three-part impostor fraud series that shares what impostor fraud is, how to recognize it, and what we can do together to prevent it from harming your business.
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Close up of newspaper headline 'Hackers hit...'

Liberty Diversified International’s impostor fraud encounter

New verification process has thwarted additional attempts.
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Rows of colorful socks hanging from racks

How Stance Socks narrowly avoided loss from check fraud

Fast footwork and a shrewd teller were key.
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Fighting the threat of card fraud

Three fraud schemes and three ways banks can help you fight them.
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Dark warehouse with computer servers and a desk on which three computers sit, their screens illuminated

Fighting cyber fraud: Are you as prepared as you think?

Fraudsters are crafty — and patient. What steps have you taken to protect your organization from a financial loss?
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Four ways online account takeover fraud could happen to you

What to watch out for to protect your company’s accounts.
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Impostor fraud

Learn what it is and how you can protect your accounts and assets against it.
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Ransomware attacks

Learn what's at stake and how to protect your company.
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Never give out your online banking credentials

Fraudsters want to take over your accounts

Learn how to outsmart a fraudster — and triumph over account takeover.
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Remember if something feels off, it probably is

Impostor fraud: It’s time to fight back

Learn seven steps to unmask impostor fraud.
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Avoid a hostage situation

Avoid a hostage situation

Ransomware attacks have increased 35%. Learn how to protect your company from this growing threat.
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2013 14%, 2014 27%, 2015 48%

Impostor fraud and wires — by the numbers

Is the increase in wire transfer fraud related to impostor fraud?
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Computer with pie chart showing 86%, 11%, 3%

How many middle market companies are buying cyber insurance coverage?

Who decides to buy it, and what's behind the purchase decision?
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computer security

Triumph over takeover

Learn six ways to protect your company from a fraudster's account takeover.
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Computer Security

Unmasking impostor fraud — 7 essential steps

The best way to fight impostor fraud is to build strong defenses within your company. Learn how.
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A businessman and business woman seated at a table, engaged in a serious conversation and review of documents

Account validation helps insurers and policyholders transact confidently

Real-time response information can cut fraud losses and boost customer satisfaction.
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A man holding his smartphone and touching the screen

Keep a close eye on account activity, wherever you’re working

How mobile banking can help protect your company from fraud.
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New solution helps utilities reduce fraud, returns

Account validation technology can streamline your receivables and improve your customer service.
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Ransomware: A rapidly growing threat

How safe is your mission-critical data?
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How scammers exploit social media networks

Beware of fake links and connections when networking online.
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Card Fraud

Card-not-present fraud threat increasing

Learn five best practices to reduce your risk.
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Clear, liquid chemical in a small glass beaker, held by a gloved hand.

Vendor impostor burns chemical company

Company now validates all requests to change banking information.
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Submerged fish hook on a fishing line

Seafood company hooked by vendor impostor fraud

Well-orchestrated fraud scheme results in six-figure loss — and more stringent safeguards.
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Positive payment fraud trends

There's good news to be found in the 2015 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey.
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1 in 220

Protecting your credentials and accounts online

Online fraud is difficult to detect, but these best practices heighten your awareness and security.
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Two individuals sitting alone in cubicles, looking at their computer screens, and typing at their keyboards

Dual custody: A best practice in reducing fraud risk

Reduce fraud risk with two people on separate devices, both responsible for administrative changes and online payments.
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What if hackers change your payment file to pay themselves?

Valspar asked this important question and took steps to protect its payments.
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