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Impostor fraud is more common than you might think

Verification can help protect your company from becoming a victim.
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Payments fraud hits record high of 78% in 2017

The threat of payments fraud is more serious than ever before.
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78% hit by payment fraud

Payments fraud reaches record-setting levels

In 2017, 78% of organizations were payments fraud targets.
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Cyber threats: A serious risk for businesses

BEC is an ongoing and widespread security threat
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Business email compromise is a widespread security threat

In 2017, 71% of cyber attacks began with spear phishing.
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From dial-up to smartphones: The evolution of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has evolved into a digital battle against cyberthreats.
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Are you prepared for 2018 W-2 email phishing fraud?

The W-2 email phishing scam is one of the most dangerous fraud threats during tax season.
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6 ways to protect yourself and company online

Six ways to protect yourself and your company online

Part of a company’s cyber defense relies on its employees. Here’s a short list of tips to keep top of mind.
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Cyber wars: Trends and recent attacks

Ransomware, bots, hactivism, and more. Find out about the most recent attacks and methods used.
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Best practices for a company’s cyber health

Cyber crime is fast-evolving. Are your company’s defenses up-to-date?
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The hidden costs of cyber attacks

Do you know the total cost of a potential cyber attack to your company?
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Triumph over takeover

8 steps to protect against account takeover fraud.
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Death of the password

Companies are experimenting with new ways to authenticate.
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New muscle to fight card fraud

Empower and protect your cardholders with predictive analytics and alerts.
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Battle armor to combat fraud

Hear about fraud attacks and how to mitigate risks.
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Double your protection with dual custody

Dual custody is one of the most effective deterrents against fraud.
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How one company stopped vendor impostor fraud

A strong, layered approach can help businesses protect themselves from vendor impostor fraud.
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Computer Hacker

Facing the New Faces of Fraud

The fraud threats out there today are real and serious.
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3 steps to combat impostor fraud

Impostor fraud is difficult to detect. Use this checklist to protect against impostor fraud.
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Are your fraud protection efforts keeping pace as fraud evolves?

Use multi-layered authentication to strengthen security.
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The Dark Side of Internet Security: insights from the front line

New data shows that payments fraud is growing faster than ever.
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Email fraud: The threat lurking in your inbox

In 2016, one in 131 emails contained in malware.
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Protect your accounts from impostor fraud

Impostor fraud is a growing trend.
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LDI shares lessons learned from impostor fraud encounter

"There were no red flags. The email was from the vendor’s real email address."
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Impostor fraud: Customer scenarios

Three-part impostor fraud series that shares what impostor fraud is, how to recognize it, and what we can do together to prevent it from harming your business.
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Remember if something feels off, it probably is

Impostor fraud: It’s time to fight back

Learn seven steps to unmask impostor fraud.
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Seafood company hooked by vendor impostor fraud

Well-orchestrated fraud scheme results in six-figure loss — and more stringent safeguards.
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