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Street view of a home goods storefront, two shoppers walk toward the door

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Street view of a home goods storefront, two shoppers walk toward the door

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Female manager leading team meeting. She is discussing a digital strategy for treasury.

Preparing treasury for digital transformation

Use a strategy to mitigate your risk, motivate your people, and focus on technology priorities.
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Caucasian woman speaking to mobile device via Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Banking in the age of data and AI

AI has gained traction in the mainstream, and there is likely no turning back
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Row of robots wearing headsets, each looking at computer screen

Robots help treasury take on big data

Flexible and powerful RPAs can free up staff time and improve compliance.
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Headshot of Steve Ellis

The customer journey of the future

Steve Ellis, head of the Innovation Group, on emerging tech and the customer experience.
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5 individuals, shown chest down, stand against a wall holding smart phones or tablets

Winning in the outcome economy: Transforming treasury for next-generation expectations

Hear panel of experts discuss embracing a ‘Millennial’ mindset, adopting emerging technology, and eliminating friction points.
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How distributed ledger technology could rewire finance

The distributed ledger opportunity is one part technology, two parts business applicability.
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Two male co-workers smiling and fist bumping

Exceed expectations. Stay relevant.

How treasury professionals can challenge the status quo and think like innovators in the outcome economy.
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Street view of a home goods storefront, two shoppers walk toward the door

The future of buying and selling

Four evolutions in commerce and considerations for treasury.
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Red heart art installation with multi-colored eyes on it

Fintech and banks: The new power couple?

Fintech and banks haven’t always eyed each other with affection, but things are changing.
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Animated graphic still of professionals around a conference table trying to catch flying invoices. Team Lead stands at front of table by whiteboard with Simplify written on it.

A simplified day in treasury management

Start your journey to simplicity.
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Man in collared shirt with headset sitting behind computer

Big data and AI are changing the back office

Businesses are looking to AI to make internal processes more efficient.
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The new essentials of business technology

Five tech trends impacting business that treasury professionals need to understand.
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Electrical cord wrapping around words – Plugging into APIs

What are APIs, and why should you care?

With APIs, savvy companies can reach more customers and simplify business processes.
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Smiling woman sitting in profile looking at an iPad

What treasurers need to know about bank APIs

Adopting bank APIs can help businesses optimize treasury operations.
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Smiling woman in office setting looking directly at the camera

How will APIs change banking?

Secil Watson, head of Digital Solutions for Business at Wells Fargo, on how APIs are revolutionizing the future.
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Steve Ellis

Eye on innovation: When banks and fintech unite

The customer experience of the future is closer than you think.
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Nearly 60%

Blockchain technology begins to transform business

Blockchain basics, benefits and impact to businesses.
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Man in collared shirt holds iPad

Banking APIs aren’t about tech or banking

A new purpose-driven definition of APIs to consider.
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Male and female business partners laughing walking down the street looking at a mobile phone

When banks and fintech innovate together consumers win

Shared interest in improving the customer experience motivates.
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Professional woman seated in airport looking at her smartphone

What’s now and next for beacons?

Proximity marketing promises to revolutionize consumer transactions.
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Allstate agent shaking hands with couple standing in rubble of their destroyed home.

Allstate transforms the customer experience

Four tips for managing complex change to arrive at simplicity.
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Looking up at blue building with windows and the sky showing through an opening

The return on simplicity: Getting an “A” for effortless

Allstate tackles complexity and drives value through faster payments.
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86 Billion the amount of money brands are leaving on the table when they don't simplify

Simplicity unlocks next-era success

What growth can simplicity unlock for you today?
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Tim Sloan

Five areas of innovation that will shape the future of banking

Critical technologies and innovations transforming the financial sector.
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African American professional woman standing at whiteboard presenting to other professionals gathered around conference room table

Simplicity as meta-trend

Why businesses are focusing on achieving effortlessness.
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