View of brightly lit tall buildings in Berlin in the evening

Ready to seize opportunities amid European economic growth?

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View of brightly lit tall buildings in Berlin in the evening

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A businesswoman walking past a wall of frosted glass in an office

Hedge accounting standards updated

Possible impacts to use of hedging for risk management.
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A close-up of two businessmen on the street in a foreign city

Global expansion outlook for small and large companies

A recent survey found some striking differences in outlook, based on company size.
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A city at nighttime with a brightly lit board of fluctuating numbers. Green arrows indicate number increases. Red arrows indicate decreases.

Three steps for managing currency volatility

Hedging strategies to protect profitability and asset valuation.
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Professional woman seated in airport looking at her smartphone

What’s now and next for beacons?

Proximity marketing promises to revolutionize consumer transactions.
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Three professional women walking discussing what is shown on iPad

Social meets personal in commerce

Reaching consumers and everyone they know.
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Hacker on computer

Email fraud: The threat lurking in your inbox

In 2016, one in 131 emails contained in malware.
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