5 individuals, shown chest down, stand against a wall holding smart phones or tablets

Winning in the outcome economy: Transforming treasury for next-generation expectations

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5 individuals, shown chest down, stand against a wall holding smart phones or tablets

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African American professional woman standing at whiteboard presenting to other professionals gathered around conference room table

Simplicity as meta-trend

Why businesses are focusing on achieving effortlessness.
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Exceed expectations. Stay relevant.

How treasury professionals can challenge the status quo and think like innovators in the outcome economy.
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Headshot of Steve Ellis

The customer journey of the future

Steve Ellis, head of the Innovation Group, on emerging tech and the customer experience.
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6 ways to protect yourself and company online

Six ways to protect yourself and your company online

Part of a company’s cyber defense relies on its employees. Here’s a short list of tips to keep top of mind.
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Animated graphic still of professionals around a conference table trying to catch flying invoices. Team Lead stands at front of table by whiteboard with Simplify written on it.

A simplified day in treasury management

Start your journey to simplicity.
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Three business employees at a conference room table reviewing process documentation and ideation flow on walls/windows

Five steps to automate more B2B receivables

Stronger data matching reduces your exceptions and improves your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).
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